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About us

Cometomyshop.com is a web portal established to provide affordable web presence for small businesses. We have three Schemes named Basic, Standard and Premium. The schemes provide a single webpage for the small businesses for one year. The webpage would be hosted in the cometomyshop.com website hosted on Google's servers. You and your customers woule be able to to access the webpage through cometomyshop.com's homepage by searching for shop name or the given mobile number.


The details of each scheme is as follows:


Rs.299 per year
This will show the webpage with
  • Shop name at the top as a heading
  • followed by full address, phone, mobile, email and a link to a regular website (if you have one)
  • Direct access link to the shop's webpage in cometomyshop.com
  • Type of business
  • Primary activity,Secondary activity
  • Landmarks, location guidance, open hours, holidays
  • Contact person name
  • This is followed by Google map showing the exct location of the shop with marker. When you touch/click the marker, you get a link for directions to that location. Your customer would be able to use the directions provided by google maps and reach your shop.
This would be the cheap and best scheme for very small businesses dealing with very few products and services who do not have photographs to showcase their business.


Rs.599 per year
In addition to Basic Scheme:
  • Shop logo/ Name board or owner photo above shop name
  • Four photos of the shop showing the shop from outside and the inside
  • 10 products and services can be listed with photo, name, description and price.
This would be the best scheme for most businesses since your customer can get a view of the shop inside and outside and the details [photo, name, description and price] of upto 10 products and sevices.


Rs.999 per year
In addition to Standard Scheme:
  • 90 more products and services can be listed with photo, description and price.
This scheme would be more suitable for businesses dealing in many products or services. For example, restaurants can list their food menu with photo, name, description and price for each item; Beauty parlours, saloons etc. can list all their services with photo, description and price

Terms & conditions

Shop webpage Terms and conditions

This agreement is entered into between the company Pitch Technologies Private Limited (herein after known as "company") and the shop keeper who is the owner or an authorised person to enter into this contract (herein after known as the "shop keeper").

  1. By entering or providing the One Time Password (OTP) received on the given mobile phone, the shop keeper confirms agreement to these terms. The shop keeper confirms regarding the Content shown on the shop_confirm.php page in the cometomyshop.com website as below:
    • I confirm that the above information is true and correct and I am the owner ( OR authorised person) of this shop
    • I confirm that I have read and agree to these Terms & Conditions
    • I understand that this webpage for my shop will be visible only after I complete the payment of the above amount and it will become due for renewal of payment after one year
  2. This agreement is for hosting a web page for the business for one year. The amount of content depends of the scheme selected and the fee paid. The webpage as completed that would be shown from cometomyshop.com website is as displayed on the shop confirm page. The webpage can be accessed from the webpage link provided.
  3. The content of the webpage must be related to legal businesses only. Illegal, Immoral, Sexually explicit or any other unlawful content is prohibited. The company reserves the right to remove such content. The decision of the company in this regard is final.
  4. The website pages are being hosted using Google's cloud hosting services. If there are instances that the servers are not working and/or the web page is not accessible then the company would extend the period of validity by equal number of days as the webpage was not available. There is no other liability on the company

Agreement version 0.1 dated 27th May 2021

Privacy policy

Objective of Cometomyshop.com is enable small businesses to have internet presence and show the business details to the world. Hence all the information provided by the shops including their contact details, photographs etc are displayed and shown to all users. The client provided information is not kept private.

Refund policy

Cometomyshop.com collects an annual fee to store and display the shop information, photos etc based on the scheme chosen by the shop keeper. The shop keeper pays the specified charges (as per each scheme described above) for a period of one year from the date of payment. Once the payment is made the webpage becomes active. The agreement does not provide for a refund. So once payment is made and the webpage becomes active, the agreement can not be cancelled. In cases, the server goes down and the page is not accessible from any place, the validity period of the webpage would be extended by the same number of days as the page was not available. In case it becomes not possible to bring the webpage back online, the company would refund a portion of the charges paid by the shop keeper in the proportion of balance period to the contracted period.